Updated 9/26/2016

About the Team

These are dated for last September, but they’re still quite accurate. Check out the team expectations below too.

Sign Up for 2016-17 Team

Once you decide you want to join the team, make sure to sign up for the mailing list and sign up with FIRST (both below). Have your parents sign up for the mailing list too. They will be signing up for meals and dishes twice each too, but not until fall.

  • Mailing List 2016-17 Sign Up
    Each student must sign up. Each of your parents should sign up as well – they’ll want to be on the mailing lists. Mentors – please sign up too.
  • FIRST Youth Team Member System
    Each student must be re-enrolled with FIRST too. Parents must sign up your student.


The sign-up for Robotics Team Meeting Meals is now open. We ask each family to sign up to bring two meals during the season. Thank you for signing up to provide upcoming meals – thanks!

  • (formerly VolunteerSpot) for 2016-2017 Meal Signups
  • Menus and ingredients lists are posted on the Meal Information and Menu page of this website

Team Expectations

Team members will:

    • Come to robotics to do robotics
    • Attend as many practices as you can – at least 2/3 – and let us know if you can’t come
    • Participate
    • Ask for help when you need it
    • Engage in healthy conflict
      • Listen to others
      • Speak up.
      • Be willing to change your idea or let it go.
    • Be respectful to:
      • The equipment/space (leave it cleaner than you found it)
      • Team members, mentors, parents, sponsors – and yourself!
    • Evaluate your abilities honestly, and follow through on commitments you make
    • Be understanding
      • When people ask for help
      • When people miss deadlines
      • When people need to work on school work
    • Be safe around equipment and in our space
    • Check email at least once a day
    • Have a C or better in every class before attending any competition
    • Attend homework hour only if doing homework
    • Practice gracious professionalism
    • Always remember that you represent our team


Team Orders

These links are for team members to order the things we need to build a robot. Order Form

  • Order form Use this form to order anything you need for the team.

Good Places to Order From