Team Meeting Meals

We really need and greatly appreciate meals provided by families for the evening team meetings. Please sign up to bring meals at For questions regarding meal sign ups or to arrange to sponsor a meal, please email Jan Beebe at Menus and ingredients lists can be found on the Menus page.

Build Season Schedule

Tuesday from 4:30pm-8:30pm, Thursday from 4:30pm-8:30pm and Saturday from 9am-3pm

  • Tuesday and Thursday study time 3:30pm-4:30pm.
  • Tuesday and Thursday dinner will be provided.
  • Saturday – bring a bag lunch.

Annual Calendar

Mini-regionals: We usually attend two one-day events in the fall. It’s an opportunity to introduce new students to the competition experience.

Pre-ship Regional: Another one-day event, usually the Saturday before Bag and Tag

End of Build season/Bag-n-Tag: The team must stop building our primary robot by midnight this day. Sometimes we finish early 🙂
Northern Lights Regional/Mexico City Regional: 
Students will miss 2+ days of school, depending on the venue we choose.
Minnesota North Star Regional: In town – everyone should stop by!

National Championship- St. Louis, MO: If we qualify to compete at Championship, the entire team attends. If not, a small team often attends.

Banquet: In late April or early May, we gather to celebrate our year.

Schedule Overview

Build Season: Pre-Build Season is from Sept – Dec season. In this season we recruit new members and teach them through student to student learning. We participate with last year robot in Mini-Regionals and we also do some team building activities, like eating dinner together and few other things. We also research concepts, technologies, and skill development for the upcoming build season.

Build Season: The Build Season is a 6 week season, starting when all the teams go to a Kick-off event. At the Kick-off event the teams get knowledge of what the challenge will be this year. Right after the Kick-off event we start planning and building our robot. In these weeks we break off into specialized teams, like programming, build teams, and other important groups. After the 6 weeks we literally put the robot into a giant bag and ship it to the competition, this is called the Bag-n-Tag. We are not allowed to touch our robot until the competition.