MSHSL – May 20, 2017

Nine students, mentors and alumni volunteered to help at the Minnesota State High School League Competition this weekend, getting a behind-the-scenes look at the work it takes to put on a robotics competition. Yeah team!

Elizabeth moving gears.

Elizabeth moving gears.

Danny dissembling the field.

Danny dissembling the field.

Triangle Fraternity Sponsors No Mythic

University of Minnesota’s Triangle fraternity is sponsoring No Mythic for at least the third year in a row. Fraternity members came out Sunday to see the robot drive, pick up gears, and climb. They asked great questions about the drive train, CAD, batteries, 3-D printed parts, and more. Thank you Triangle!

World Championship 2017!

We went, we saw, and we came home with the gold. Our gold! Students and mentors bubbling with ideas, ready to build, organize, and teach lots more robotics. Seeing 500 other FRC teams (not to mention the FTC and FLL teams) inspired all of us. Thank you to all the MANY people who helped get us there this year. 

Drive team.



No Mythic at Worlds.

Our new scouting system.



Shopping – 4 breakfasts for 28.


Mascot Abby


Eli – best pilot ever.


Kids loved the gears on our pit.


Yes, we were in St. Louis.


The Alchemy of Joy – Banquet – April 20, 2017

We celebrate the things that really matter to us, and this year our had a lot to celebrate! Each and every member of our community, including each student, mentor, parent, sponsor and more was necessary to build a robot and a community that earned a spot to the World Championships this year. 

Minnesota North Star Regional! – April 6-9, 2017

At North Star, our breakneck drive team took our rigorously engineered robot all the way to finals. They played well, match after match, ending up on the 6th seed alliance. We lost – only to the first seed alliance, earning a ticket to FIRST World Championship!

Quality Award

In addition to playing great games and having a lot of fun, the team was recognized for something we worked really hard on. The Quality Award celebrates machine robustness in concept and
fabrication. The judges wrote:

Quality awardPlanned
Attention to detail.

You can see great workmanship in the pit, paint, cart, and

All can believe the quality of this team’s purple bot to
be no myth

Team 2491

Way to go team!

Quality award

Finished 13th at Northern Lights

We arrived at the Northern Lights competition in Duluth on Wednesday night, with 23 students, 5 mentors and two robots. Our competition bot – Watt – performed beautifully and got lots of complements. Our team played hard, swiftly moving gears across the field and climbing the rope to board the airship. We finished 13th – not bad!

The group came home tired but jubilant, bubbling with ideas of things to do before our next competition in Minneapolis.



Team 2491 No Mythic

Team 2491 No Mythic

Eli - pilot extraordinaire

Eli – pilot extraordinaire

Chairman's crew

Chairman’s crew

Andrew Havens

Andrew Havens



Introducing First Steamworks!

On Saturday, the 7th of 2017, the new game, FIRST Steamworks, was released and explained in full detail to participating teams! We, along with multiple other St. Paul-based teams, attended Kickoff at Central High School. This year’s game involves gathering resources to prepare an airship for liftoff. After viewing the game’s animation and reading the rules, we split into small groups and went through a structured creative process After this we came together to combine our ideas. This involved team-wide discussion and goal-setting to decide on the direction of our robot’s design. Full steam ahead!